Andre Nieuwendam

Tell Us Your Problems. Our Mission is To Solve Them.  Most MSP’s Have Fixed Plans and Prices That Filter Out Small Businesses By Making You Pay For High Cost Plans . We Simply Won’t Do That. Our Approach is A La Carte, Meaning If You Already Have IT Staff and Resources, We […]


Websites Need to be Simple, But They are Now the Centerpiece of a Much Bigger Dynamic. You have social media, funnel marketing, search engine optimization and relevance to worry about now. We are living in a mobile world now. does your website or mobile app do enough? Our strategy and […]


If You Like Smaller Governance and More Strategy in Your Corporate Technology, Than Consider Managed Networks or Managed Network Services.  Managed Services doesn’t just mean break/fix support anymore. Our Managed Services encompasses the entire ecosystem of your network. We can manage your existing network, put you in the cloud, or […]


IT Security Requires a Proactive Approach to Possible Intrusions by Malicious Viruses and Malware, and a Robust Response and Threat Resolution Protocol in the Event That An Attack Occurs. Complete Network Services employs a proactive approach that includes an evaluation of security checkpoints in the infrastructure, patching of vulnerable servers […]