Specialized Technology Services

Complete Network Services prides itself on the experience and expertise that our team has garnered over years of working in the financial, legal and insurance sectors. Fortunately because of that experience, we have learned that IT can be very specialized within these industries. We specialize in industry software, network security and compliance for these industries, and have been involved in crafting Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans that are time tested and work.

Many companies craft a DR or BCP plan without ever testing it to see if it will work in a real life situation. Our plans are tested, and we continue to test with our companies on a bi annual basis and provide a complete assessment of the result for that test. If you are a public company or a company that is audited for IT, these documents and procedures are critical to your success. If you are relying on your internal IT staff to give you complete and accurate insight into your plan, you may be surprised to fin out they are not testing and if they are, it is with a natural bias that may skew your results until an internal audit is conducted, and then it is too late. We are independent experts who will never skew the results in our favor. We will tell you without bias, exactly where you stand and why. Some of our areas of expertise also include:

  • SOX and HIPAA Compliance
  • Data and Content Migrations and Conversions (Insurance Systems, Claims, Policy Admin, Quote/Bind)
  • Solutions Architecture and Consulting
  • Software Selection and Implementation Planning
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Policy Design