What You Need To Know About Managed IT Services

Frustrated Woman at Computer With Stack of PaperWe take the headache out of maintaining your crucial systems, while reducing your IT costs. Our Assessment services will determine exactly what you need. Security, SOX or HIPAA Compliance,  to managed backups and cloud hosting of your servers, CNS is there for you.

When someone asks what your company does, you wouldn’t say “managing information technology.”  If too much of your professional time and resources are spent outside your interest and expertise, and if IT issues distract you from growing your actual business, then you  don’t have effective technology or personnel to support it.

We offer Plans for any size business for far less than you pay your full time IT Staff .  Our management suite with award winning antivirus protection included means your network is secure, and always highly available to you and your staff because we watch it 24x7x365 days a year. That means less concerns and less manpower focusing on your technology stack. We handle every aspect for you.

For less than a fraction of what you would pay full time onsite support or employees, you get:

Server Monitoring, Patching and Updating 

Our Icon sits in your system tray and actively monitors your servers and workstations around the clock. Our system is proactive, always looking at the status of your physical hardware and software and notifying the Network Operations Center if something is about to fail. This proactive approach insures that we know on and act on your issues before they ever rear their ugly heads.

Desktop Monitoring and Antivirus

Our software monitors both your PC hardware and software and immediately notifies us if there are any problems. Our award winning antivirus software will keep your PCs and servers virus free. If you do get a virus, we will come onsite and remediate it. But we can tell you, that rarely ever happens.

Mobile and Broadband Devices 

Everything is mobile nowadays, and whether you supply or allow your employees to bring their own devices, you have security and viruses and malware to worry about. We all the the guy or gal who “Clicks on Everything” and always have a virus. Now imagine that same person bringing in their own mobile device and connecting to your network. Hiring a full time mobile security expert normally costs lots of money. Not with us. We take a proactive approach to mobile monitoring to insure your employees have the level of access they need and the peace of mind of knowing we can track and wipe their device if it is lost.

Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity and High Availability,


How will your company survive a storm? In Florida it is a reality. Can you afford to loose your network in the event of an outage? How much will it cost you if you are down? What is your recovery time objective? Every business deserves a highly available reliable network. We want you to have one.

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